Whether it is a need for DSL, Integrated T1, or dedicated Internet access, we will work with you and create the most cost effective solution for your company. Integrating the right Internet access into your complete business solution will allow your company to increase efficiencies and effectiveness. At Lynx, we pride ourselves in working with all our clients to do just that.

Below are some of the Internet access examples that Lynx can provide to you:

High-Speed DSL Access

Don’t need a full T1 and less than four lines? DSL is your answer nationwide for data and we have the right DSL solution for you.

Internet T1, DS3 and higher bandwidth Services

Should your business need speeds that exceeds DSL, we have a solution for you. From traditional T1 to Ethernet, Lynx can provide you the service required anywhere in the USA or many locations throughout the world.

Managed Security Services

Does your company have the need for Intrusion Detection and Prevention? Do you not have the resources to manage such complex necessities? Lynx has the solution for you. A fully managed system with a state of the art NOC can help you meet your Internet securities needs. This solution can be deployed anywhere in the world and managed from just one single interface.